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Les Rose Testimonials

“Les Rose led one of the most informative and inspirational seminars in the 14-year history of National Writers Workshop.  About half his audience at the Fullerton, California NWW was newspaper reporters and editors.  They and the other attendees stayed with Les right through the closing speaker and into the finale wine-and-cheese party.   Les runs a very organized seminar – he makes a point and shows and example. He personifies the adage of what distinguishes a great teacher – he inspires.”

Jeff Rowe


“Just when you thought the art of storytelling was dead, Les Rose inspires you to look beyond the obvious and re-connect with the viewer. His real-world examples help provide the “ah-ha” moment when you get back to the newsroom and tackle the daily grind.”

Katie Brace
TV News Reporter, West Palm Beach, Florida


“This is to recommend, with highest regards, Les Rose.  As a high school broadcast journalism teacher for Broward County Schools, I have been working with Les for the past five years. My position requires me to oversee a student-produced cable news magazine called Broward Teen News. In doing so, I work with teachers and journalism students from more than 25 high schools throughout our district. In that capacity I also teach workshops as well as organize and judge scholastic journalism contests both regional and statewide for the Florida Scholastic Press Association.

During the past five years, Les has been our most prized guest speaker and instructor at our conventions. His expertise in the area of photojournalism and broadcast journalism is invaluable to all of us. He has dedicated himself greatly to both our teachers and our students and we have all grown immensely under his tutelage. He is warm, charming, caring, and extremely patient. Even when his schedule is hectic, he will always give us his undivided attention. Over the years he has established a personal relationship with many of our students and teachers, and is always available to critique a story or to give advise. He teaches us, not only technical skills, but more importantly, how to tell a meaningful story. Many of our students have gone on to win awards in national scholastic contests, and there is no doubt in my mind that much of this is due to our work with Les.

In closing, it has been an honor to have worked with Les Rose over the years. He will be such an asset to your program. Feel free to call me if you have any further questions.”

Cheryl Cammarano
Broward Teen News/BECON

“I met Les at a Florida Scholastic Press Association convention about 3 years ago. He was the keynote speaker. I have seen him speak at least a dozen times since at different conventions and he’s even come to my school to speak to my classes (and others around the country), asking nothing in return. As the Broadcast Journalism speaker and contest coordinator, I can assure you that Les Rose is the “get” speaker. He connects with the audience in ways I’ve never seen anyone else do. The audience loves him. And there are so many reasons why and this is in no particular order:

  • He is talented
  • He is successful
  • He is credible
  • He is educated
  • He is humble
  • He is passionate about life and journalism
  • He is charismatic
  • He is down to earth
  • He is intelligent
  • He has an uncanny way to connect to and understand people
  • He is easy to work with
  • He is dedicated
  • He is selfless
  • He is giving of his time and love like I’ve seen in no other human
  • He is ethical and moral
  • He is friendly and kind
  • He doesn’t judge
  • He truly wants to make the world (and the industry) a better place.
  • And it doesn’t hurt that he stands out in a crowd and is receptive and approachable.

Les Rose’s seminars are always packed. Often time standing room only. Students, teachers and industry professionals leave his seminars rejuvenated, motivated and armed with the knowledge of how to improve the world of Broadcast Journalism. I’ve read the convention reviews. He is by far the speaker they most want to have invited back. He is the highlight of the convention. And year after year, no one ever get bored or “over” a Les Rose session.

If Les Rose has a fault as far as a speaker, it’s that he’s too close to perfect.

On a personal note, Les Rose has taught me more than I can describe. I am a better, more educated teacher (and a better person) for knowing him.”

Haley Brueck
High School Instructor in Broadcast Journalism
Columbia, Missouri


“I’ve attended many Les Rose photojournalism workshops during the last 10 years, as have hundreds of USF television news and production students. Les, simply put, is a natural and exceptional teacher: He masterfully ‘shows’ rather than ‘tells’ how to effectively use video and sound in creating world-class photojournalism, and he does so with amazing grace, as well as wonderful timing and humor.”

Edward Jay Friedlander
Professor and Director
School of Mass Communications
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida


“I have spoken to groups large and small for more than 33 years about the photojournalism profession and in the process I have heard dozens if not hundreds of speakers attempt to motivate audiences with varied success.  I have never heard a “regular guy” stand up in front of a crowd and Wow them as Les Rose can.  The reason is immediately obvious:  Les is over the top enthusiastic about his craft, his job and his career.  He thinks all of his students should be as lucky as him and work for [a Professional News Organization].  I wish I was as lucky as him. “

Bob Brandon
Denver, CO


“Les Rose is a fountain of knowledge. His seminars are some of the most informative. He taught me how to be a pro.”

Carlos Spann
Assistant Chief Photographer KBBC
Las Vegas, NV


“Good teaching requires three primary attributes: deep knowledge of the subject, a passionate spirit about that subject matter, and an enduring commitment to help motivate students to become equally knowledgeable and passionate about their profession. 

Les Rose has these attributes and many others. He speaks with close knowledge and clarity to all members of the storytelling team, helping even reporters to understand that so often in television their primary medium is light. Les believes that images built from light convey not only facts, but transmit a sense of experience that helps connect viewers to meaning.

You can put Less Rose in any assembly of students or peers, and he will make his knowledge crystal clear to them. Not only has he mastered his profession, but the ability to convey his understanding and passion to the next generation of storytellers.”

Fred Shook
NPPA Workshop Faculty for 20 years
Academic Chair, Digital Media Program, Jones International University
Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University


“Les Rose is not only a friend, but also a hero of mine.  Nearly 20 years ago Les made regular visits to my television news classes to teach photojournalism and story-telling.  Years later it became an annual “event” attended by students from throughout the School of Mass Communications.  His seminars are as entertaining as they are informative.  The students love him, laugh with him and learn from him.  He has truly become a gifted teacher.”

Neil E. Vicino, Adjunct Faculty
School of Mass Communications
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida


“For journalism advisers who want their students to reach for the next level of storytelling, to understand not just the technicality of producing a human portrait, but the spirit of the endeavor, who do you call?

If you live in Florida, you call Les Rose.

Les has been the best friend of student journalists for  6 years. His yearly appearances at the state conventions are anticipated by students across the state, and his workshops are always standing room only. His gentle humor, his genuine concern for others, the way he makes you feel like an “old friend” when you have just met him, are all draws.

But the real lure is Les’ talent. As the lens to countless adventures, well told, he can bring the best out in people on either side of the camera. He is a dedicated teacher even without the title, and he understands the true worth of a camera better than most. I have overheard advisers say that no matter how many times they have seen a segment of Mr. Rose’s, they are always moved and always see something new.

Les has us all wanting more. He has a string of awards he never refers to, yet he shares his expertise as though he is just another camera man. He has a following of broadcast students who know they can ask for help and get a speedy reply. He offers his card like any other professional, but he offers his heart as well.

This past year, Les was the keynote speaker at the FSPA/FIU student journalism day, hosted by the Florida International University. The Dean of Journalism, who started the event 35 years ago, and is always present for introductions, stayed for Les’ address (which was accompanied by his work) and commented afterward that this was the best such day she had remembered in a decade. I think she went back only a decade because she had once lined up Katie Couric as a keynote.

Obviously, I am a Rose fan. But as the District 6 Director for Fl. Scholastic Press Assoc.; the Dade County Journalism Teacher of the Year (2005); and a Nationally Board Certified teacher, I like to think I know what I am talking about.

If you have any further questions, I can be reached at the numbers below.”

Mary K. Sullivan


“Les Rose has that rare ability to show us things we might miss, even standing next to him.  His teaching style makes learning the whole process of storytelling as easy as stacking blocks.”

Bob Dotson
American Story with Bob Dotson
NBC News Today Show


“Les Rose has a real gift for teaching and inspiring others.  I have not only had the pleasure of attending a photography seminar of his, but he was also one of my instructors at Poynter.  His passion for photography and good storytelling can’t help but rub off on anyone who takes the time to listen.  He has taken time to critique my stories and take me back to the basics, which is focusing on people. I won my first Emmy in 2007, and I would have to say the tools Les gave me to be a better story teller played a big part.”

Holly Wagner


“One of my students decided to attend our state convention based on Les being scheduled to speak. She remembered his keynote from the year before and wanted to hear him speak again. Les combines humor, pathos and beautiful visual storytelling to create unforgettable presentations.”

Joe Humphrey
Hillsborough High School
Journalism/TV/English teacher